Web Programming

Introduction to web programming with HTML and CSS. This is an opinionated course for someone starting from scratch using Node.js for the back-end.

Getting started

We will install the tools needed for creating, deploying (uploading) and managing websites. We will get everything ready so we don't have to worry about any of this in the next chapters.

Content with HTML

HTML is a con­tent and struc­ture lan­guage for mak­ing web­sites. There are some fixed parts that are the same or similar to most web­sites. For this les­son, we'll be using this basic struc­ture:

Style with CSS

CSS is a lan­guage for giv­ing color and shape to your web­site. As you've seen in the HTML les­son, we have al­ready in­cluded Pic­nic CSS as a solid foun­da­tion to build the rest of the style. There are many li­bra­ries like this, in­clud­ing the fam­ous but com­plex Bootstrap.

Node.js and Heroku

Let's learn how to use javascript to program a server based on Node.js and upload it so everyone can access our page. We will set it up so visitors can access several pages and perform several actions. You are expected to know javascript, including some ES6 for this lesson.

Photo sharing

We are going to create a photo sharing service where the user is able to upload pictures and like them. You can see the finished code in Github.